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Student Intro to Passes
Student Intro to Passes

A basic introduction for students to learn what a pass looks like, and how it functions.

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What is a Pass?

A Pass is like a digital permission slip that allows a student to be outside a particular classroom at a specific time. It serves the same purpose as the paper hall passes you might be used to, but it's on a computer or tablet, so you don't need to carry those around. Teachers and school staff can also keep track of where students are using this Pass.

What does a Pass look like?

  • The top part of the Pass shows the destination of that pass. Right below it, you will see the pass type (Round Trip or One Way) as well as the location you left from.

  • In the middle of the Pass, you can see a large timer indicating how much time is remaining on your pass.

  • At the bottom of the pass, you will see the "End Pass" button. Clicking here will end your pass. Only do this upon arriving at your final location.

  • Below (if your school has this setting toggled on) you will see pass counts for the date, week, and month.

Active Passes

When your Pass is active, it means you're in the hallway. You'll see a timer showing how much time you have left. When you get to where you're going, you have to press the "End Pass" button.

For round-trip passes, this means you end the pass in the room you came from, and for one-way passes, the room you went to.

If you take too long, the timer starts counting up, and the pass turns red. But don't end your Pass until you've reached your destination, even if time runs out. This helps teachers and staff keep track of who's in the hallways.

Overtime Passes

When a pass turns red the time will begin to count upwards. This may happen if you are overtime and still out, or if you forget to end your Pass. It will automatically finish after a certain amount of time set by your school. Usually, it's around 10 to 15 minutes.

You never want to be out this long after a pass. If something is wrong and preventing your return, please find an adult in your building.

Scheduled Passes

These are Passes you or a teacher scheduled for the future. You can only cancel them if you made them yourself or your teacher made the pass declinable. The Pass will show where you're going when it starts. You may be required to input your origin room if a teacher is scheduling the pass for you.

Learn more about creating a Scheduled Pass here or managing Pass Requests here.

Expired Passes

These are Passes that show where you've been in the past. You can check how long you spent outside by looking at these Passes. It's like a history of where you've been. You can find these on your calendar tab.

Remember, these are your digital hall passes. They help keep everyone safe and make sure you're where you're supposed to be at the right time.


Can a pass include a message?

Pass requests and scheduled passes may contain a message sometimes. To check if one of these passes has a message, click on the pass to open it and click on the arrow pointing to the right to view the message.

You can also send a message when sending a pass request to a teacher.

Where can I see my pass history?

You can see past, present, and future passes through your Calendar view, which is the second tab next to Home.

Can passes have multiple destinations?

No. Passes can only have one origin room and one destination room. To go to a second destination, you will need to make a new pass upon arriving at the first destination.

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