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Creating Classes Manually
Creating Classes Manually

This guide will walk teachers through how to create classes.

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Note: Schedules are currently in Early Access. If your school is not part of this yet, don't worry, it is coming soon!

The student schedules feature unlocks tons of capabilities, including teachers having their current class roster on their home screen, faster pass creation since students and teachers won’t have to select an “origin” anymore, and teachers can look up where any student is currently located.

If you do not have an integration to pull schedules in or have the need to manually add a few individual classes, the process is easy.

Adding A Class

You will want to make sure you are starting in your Classes Dashboard

Step 1: To start building a class please click "New Class"

Step 2: Add a name and assign a teacher and room. Hit next to continue.

Step 3: Your next step will assign the marking periods as well as the class periods within your bell schedule that the class meets. Once this is done hit create.

Step 4: Immediately upon creating a class you will be asked to add students. You can quickly add students using the search bar or, upload them in bulk by clicking Upload a list of Students.

Once you have done so you have created this class! Be sure to continue and add any other classes that need to be manually created.

Benefits of Adding Schedules

After classes are set up, teachers will see the current period and class on their homepage. They can quickly create passes for students in their class, see students who are coming to them and more.

If you want to look up where a student currently is, you can just search for a student and SmartPass will tell you their currently scheduled room.

On the student side, they’ll see the current day and when they create passes, they won’t have to select their current location.


SmartPass will not let me create classes, what do I do?

This means your admin has not given permission for you to do so, please reach out to your admin team for guidance.

What happens if some classes are not set up and some are? Will my school still be able to use SmartPass?

Yes, no worries! For those students without a class set up for the current period, pass creation will still function, just students and staff will not have access to the information containing the current class the student is in, meaning they will have to select it manually. Staff will see a message prompting them to correct this issue.

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