Class Info Missing

This article will cover how to handle a "Class Info Missing" message.

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Note: Schedules are currently in Early Access. If your school is not part of this yet, don't worry, it is coming soon!

After teachers set up their classes, SmartPass will know which room each student is in.

You are seeing this message because the student has not been added to a class yet. This could mean that the class is set up and the student hasn’t been added to it yet, or that the class hasn’t been synced or set up yet.

If you are the student's teacher...

Set up your class and you’ll never have to select the student’s “origin” again. Plus, your entire list of students will show on your home screen.

It takes less than 5 minutes! Get started by clicking below.


Ask that teacher to set up their class, or reach out to an admin who can set it up for them.


SmartPass is not allowing me to fix this problem, what do I do?

It is likely that your admin has not given you permission. Reach out to your admin for assistance.

What happens if I do not fix this immediately?

SmartPass will still work just fine, but you will want to correct this as soon as you have time because the added data and ease of use will benefit everyone in your building.

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