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Getting Started With Schedules
Getting Started With Schedules

How to set up schedules for your school as an administrator.

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The student schedules feature unlocks a ton of capabilities, including teachers having their current class roster on their home screen, faster pass creation since students/teachers won’t have to select an “origin” anymore, and teachers can look up where any student is currently located.

This class setup portion is straightforward and can be done by you as the admin or by the teacher whose class it is. All you have to do to accept is assign the location where the class is held and confirm the dates and times for the class.

This guide will walk you through how to set up as an admin, but if you want to take a look at accepting classes from a teacher's perspective, please head over here.

1. Uploading your Bell Schedule

By clicking the Bell Schedule tab on the left of your admin page you will see 2 options to share your bell schedule(s) with us. You can upload a file or share a URL with us. You can upload more than one file if your schedules are contained in different files.

You will be asked some basic information after uploading. Once you submit this form our team will begin working on adding your schedule(s) into SmartPass. We will reach out once this is complete.

2. Confirming and Adjusting Bell Schedules

Once our team has reached out to you to let you know your schedules have been entered you will find your schedules shown under Bell Schedule on the left of your admin page.

Your schedule(s) should already be set, but please check and adjust as needed.

If you need to make changes or switch your schedules, click Change Schedule.

After making any needed changes simply click Yes, Set This Schedule.

3. Accepting Synced Classes

SmartPass can sync classes from Clever, ClassLink or Google Classroom. You can also manually add classes.

Option 1: Allowing Teachers to Add/Edit Classes

Share this video guide with your teachers on how they can accept their classes from your integration. It should take them less than 5 minutes.

Pro Tip: At your next faculty meeting, walk your teachers through how to set this up together. You can review the teacher guide for accepting classes here.

Option 2: Accept the Classes for your Teachers

Often teachers are super busy, and they may not have time to get things set up. As an admin, you can do this for them.

By clicking Classes on the left you will see all of the classes in your school.

Step 1: Hover over "More Details" and note the information for the class you are setting up. You will want to determine information such as the term and period data.

Step 2: Indicate what room the class is held in and hit Accept to get started. You will then be asked to enter the date(s) and time(s) for the class. Hit Save when you are finished.

Step 3: You are all done! Now this class will show up on the teacher's home screen. At this point, you can set up the remaining classes.

Alternatively, you can toggle to view the classes from list view.

Benefits of Adding Schedules

After classes are set up, teachers will see the current period and class on their homepage. They can quickly create passes for students in their class, see students who are coming to them and more.

If you want to look up where a student currently is, you can just search for a student and SmartPass will tell you their currently scheduled room.

On the student side, they’ll see the current day and when they create passes, they won’t have to select their current location.

Adding a Class Manually

If your school is manually creating classes, or the sync does not include every class in your building, no worries, building a class is easy. Head over to this article to learn more.


By clicking Permissions at the top right of your Classes page you will be able to allow or prevent staff from creating or editing and accepting classes.

  • Teacher Can Create New Classes allows teachers to manually add classes that are not part of the sync. If your school is syncing classes with Clever, ClassLink, or Google then this is toggled off by default. This is toggled on if you are manually adding classes.

  • Teachers Can Edit Classes allows teachers to not only accept a synced class but also edit and fix it if there is an error message associated with the setup. By default, this is toggled on.


Are teachers able to set up their own classes?

Yes, as long as teachers have permission toggled on to do so, they can do this. Share these steps with them.

What happens if some classes are not set up and some are? Will my school still be able to use SmartPass?

Yes, no worries! For those students without a class set up for the current period, pass creation will still function, just students and staff will not have access to the information containing the current class the student is in, meaning they will have to select it manually. Staff will see a message prompting them to correct this issue.

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