Class Info Error

This article will describe how to fix the Class Info Error message

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Note: Schedules are currently in Early Access. If your school is not part of this yet, don't worry, it is coming soon!

After teachers set up their classes, SmartPass will know which room each student is in, but sometimes an error is made in the setup and you will need to edit the class to fix this.

This message indicates that the student is assigned to multiple classes in the same period, meaning an error was made by a teacher or administrator when setting up class periods.

If Your Class is Causing the Error...

If your class is the one listed in error you want to double-check that the correct dates and times have been entered.

From your teacher settings menu, navigate to the classes page.

Begin by clicking on the class that is causing the message.

After you open the class, click "edit" on Dates & Times to make your correction.

Next, you can adjust the days and periods that this class meets. Once the correction is made, hit save.

Assuming no other classes were causing the error message, the message should be gone!

If the Class Causing the Error Is Not Yours...

Reach out to the teacher whose class it is, as well as your administrator. They will take it from here.


SmartPass will not allow me to edit my class, why?

Your admin has turned this permission off, please let them know what needs to be adjusted so they can do so.

There are other classes besides mine listed that are causing this issue, what do I do?

You should alert your admin and that teacher to correct the dates and times to resolve this issue.

Am I able to edit the time for classes that are synced?

Yes, all classes, synced or manually created, can have their dates and periods edited if your admin has given permission to do so.

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