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Upload Accounts from a Spreadsheet
Upload Accounts from a Spreadsheet

How to roster your accounts by uploading a CSV spreadsheet to SmartPass.

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This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to roster your accounts by uploading them in a CSV to SmartPass.

Setting Up Accounts Template

To bulk-upload accounts to SmartPass, first, we want to download the account template. Please find the link below:

There are three sheets at the bottom. One for each role: Student, Teacher, and Admin.

Please be sure to enter the account information under their respective field. To create your accounts, we need the following data: Email address, First Name, Last Name, and Password.

Important notes:

  • Our team will assign a random password to those accounts that are left blank under the password field/column. Users can always change their password upon their first login.

  • By default, all users listed in the Admin sheet will receive both the Teacher and Admin roles. You can later change this in SmartPass, from the admin view.

Bulk-Upload Process

Once you completed the spreadsheet, please follow the steps below to upload your accounts to SmartPass:

  1. Log into SmartPass with an Admin account.

  2. On the left-side panel, click Accounts

  3. Click the green +Add button at the top-right of your screen

  4. Click on Bulk add standard accounts

  5. This will open up a chat window with our support team. When asked if you are looking to bulk upload accounts select “Yes”

  6. When asked to confirm if you do not want to use any other integration, select “Correct, I do not want to use those integrations”

  7. Send the complete template by pressing the clip icon or dragging the spreadsheet to the chat window

  8. Wait for our Team to confirm that accounts are rostered. This process can take 24-48 hours.

  9. Once our team is done uploading your accounts, they will reach out through chat and let you know.

Congratulations! You have successfully rostered all your accounts to SmartPass!


Alternatively, you can email the completed sheet to [email protected], or instead, email it to your Customer Success Manager.


Are users notified when their accounts are uploaded?

No, users are not notified by SmartPass. In this case, you want to reach out to your users and share credentials and steps to log in with them directly.

What if I need to upload additional accounts?

You can follow the steps in this guide and submit a new CSV with the additional accounts you wish to upload. Alternatively, if you are only adding a few, you can manually add them by following the steps to <Insert add standard accounts guide>

I have users that need access to multiple campuses. What should I do?

Please be sure to provide a separate list of users that need access to more than one SmartPass school, specify the names of the schools that they should have access to, and any other details like having different roles, etc.

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