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Time Zone

Your school's time zone

Updated over a week ago

Schools are automatically set to the correct time zone for their campus when SmartPass launches; however, if scheduled passes appear to be showing up at the wrong times, you may want to double-check the assigned "Time Zone". This setting will require an Admin login to be changed.

Video Walkthrough

Adjusting Your Time Zone

From your Admin account, navigate to the "Rooms" tab on the far left and click the "Options" button on the top right. Here, you will scroll down until you see the field named "Time Zone". Using the dropdown, select the applicable time zone for your school and hit "Save".


What is the default timezone?

SmartPass configures your account to the timezone we have on record for your school.

Does SmartPass configure for things such as daylight savings?

Yes! No need to worry about anything on your end!

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