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Troubleshooting Google Workspace Error 400
Troubleshooting Google Workspace Error 400
Updated over a week ago

Understanding Google Sign-In Error Codes

As you embark on setting up your G Suite Integrations with SmartPass, you might run into synchronization errors. This guide aims to assist you in recognizing these errors and offering solutions to resolve them.

One critical step in integrating G Suite with SmartPass involves signing in through your SmartPass Admin dashboard into the G Suite Administrator account you've designated for SmartPass. This enables SmartPass to access and read your Google Organizational Units. However, you may encounter an "Error 400" due to authorization restrictions during this process.

1. Most Common Error Codes and How to Fix Them:

Here are the two most common error codes encountered by users when attempting to authorize the Google Workspace Directory integration with SmartPass:

"Error 400: access_not_configured"

This typically indicates that access or permissions have not been properly configured, often occurring when the user's role lacks the necessary permissions.

How to fix it?

  1. Sign in to the G Suite admin console here:

  2. Under Users, find the dedicated SmartPass sync account you created for SmartPass. (If you are not certain about what the account looks like, schools normally name it [email protected])

3. Access the Account Permission and make sure it looks like this:

  • Admin Console Privileges > Organizational Units > Read

  • Admin Console Privileges > Users > Read

  • Admin API Privileges > Organizational Units > Read

  • Admin API Privileges > Users > Read

4. Try to link the account one more time.

"Error 400: admin_policy_enforced"

It signifies that third-party applications, such as SmartPass, are restricted from accessing your Google data within your Google admin configuration. Please attempt the steps outlined below, or contact your Google Workspace administrator, typically located at your District or Central Office, for further assistance.

How to fix it?

1. Visit the following page in Google admin:

​2. Next, click on Manage third-party app access.

3. From there, click on "Add app", then select "OAuth App Name Or Client ID".

4. Once you select "OAuth App Name or Client ID, a search window will appear. Type in SmartPass and click Search on the right-hand side.

5. Under the list of Apps in the search result, look for our green SmartPass logo and click select on the same line. If you don't see any results, try using this Client ID instead:

​6. Then select all OAuth Client IDs (there may only be one), and click Select again.

7. Configure access for all users in your domain so everyone who needs access will have it by selecting your main domain (all users) and then clicking CONTINUE.

8. When it asks for App Access, select Trusted. Then click CONTINUE.

9. Review all settings and information then click FINISH.

Congratulations! Your problem should now be resolved. If you experience further issues, please reach out to your dedicated CSM. We're happy to help.

2. Additional Scenarios and Steps to Fix Them:

Just in case, we've listed out a few pointers below to guide you through any hiccups that occur along the way.

Issue 1: API Access is Restricted

The API Access is Restricted.

Follow these steps to fix this issue:

  1. Log in to the Google Workspace Admin Console.

  2. Go to Security > API Controls > Manage Google Services

  3. Find Google Workspace Admin and select "Change Access"

  4. Select Unrestricted: Any user-approved app can access a service to enable API Access

Issue 2: System is Disabled.

This happens when one of the necessary systems is disabled.

Follow these steps to enable back the system.

  1. Log in to the Google Workspace Admin Console.

  2. Go to Security > API Permissions.

  3. Enable any disabled systems:

Issue 3: URL is Blocked

The URL Blocking is blocking necessary URLs like the GAM client_id.

Follow these steps to unblock necessary URLs:

  1. Log in to the Google Workspace Admin Console.

  2. Go to Devices > Chrome Settings > User Settings.

  3. Confirm that necessary URLs aren't blocked: *,


Who should I contact if none of these steps work for me?

If you continue to experience issues trying to connect with Google or run into a different scenario from the ones listed in this guide, please contact our SmartPass Support Team via chat or email for further assistance.

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