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Switching Between Teacher and Admin
Switching Between Teacher and Admin

How to switch between the teacher and admin view

Updated over a week ago

Many Admin level users find it helpful to see SmartPass from the perspective of a Teacher. To assign "Teacher" privileges, navigate to the "Accounts" tab from your Admin view, toggle to the admin column, and select an account. From there, you can add "Teacher" as one of the assigned roles.

Once a user has both Admin and Teacher roles assigned to their account, they will be able to switch between views using the "Teacher View" button located at the bottom left of your Admin screen. Shown below:

Admin View

Teacher View

You are also able to switch back to an Admin view when starting from a teacher's perspective. Navigate to the gear icon on the top right of your teacher view and select "Admin View". Shown below:

Overall Walk-Through:


Why might I need to switch to Teacher View?

Your Teacher view allows you to write passes and manage any rooms you are tied to.

My admin view does not allow me to switch to the teacher view. What do I do?

If you cannot access Teacher view, you do not have this added as a role. If this is in error be sure to add this as a role to your account.

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