Administrators can view the information that is passed along to them when a student has been reported. Teachers and Hall Monitors use this feature to report a student who is found outside of class without an active pass or for any other disciplinary reasons.

To view this information, while logged in as an administrator, you simply need to select the Explore option in the right menu bar and click on Report Submissions.

You will then see all the students who have been reported for one reason or another. From the top menu, you can search for a specific student, choose the status (Active or Closed), search for a Teacher or Hall Monitor, and set the timeframe you want to see the data. The default timeframe is set to all times.

From here you can click on the student’s name to view their report as well as print it or save it as PDF, this comes in handy when there is a need to get this information to the parent. You also can mark the report as “Closed” after the issue has been addressed with the student or no further action is needed.

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