At times your school may experience a situation where the need to have a room, such as a restroom that is having maintenance done, to be unavailable when creating passes. Follow the steps below to see how to close a room.

The fourth tab on the Administrator View is the Room Configuration tab. This is where administrators can create and modify the Rooms and Folders in the entire school.

Closing a Room

Click the room you want to close from your room dashboards, and you will see the Availability Option which is set to Open by default.

To close this room, simply click on the word Open and select the Close option, once you click on Close you will need to save the room. The room can be set back to open at any time by an admin.

After the room is saved you will be brought back to the view with all of your rooms and the room will now show the word Closed on the icon.

The room icon will look the same for Students on the list of rooms when selecting their destination. Hovering over the icon will show “This room has been closed by an admin”.

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