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Room Check-ins Guide for Admins
Room Check-ins Guide for Admins

Restrict a room so that a pass can only be ended with teacher approval or a room code

Updated over a week ago

You can restrict a room so that any pass to that room can only be ended with teacher approval or a room code.

Video Walkthrough

From the admin view, go to Rooms and click on a room you want to restrict ending passes on. Scroll down and turn on Restrict Ending Passes

When students try to end a pass in a room where ending passes is restricted, they will be required to enter either the room code or a teacher's approval pin.

To learn more about how this operates on the teacher side, click here!


Where do teachers find their room code and teacher PIN?

You can find your room code in by clicking the 3 dots next to the room name on the teacher homepage, and the PIN by clicking your settings icon.

Whose room code and PIN is needed to end a pass?

The room code and PIN needed would be the teacher whose room is the end destination on the pass. For round trip passes this means it is the origin teacher.

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