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Using SmartPass on Older Devices
Using SmartPass on Older Devices

How to use SmartPass on old iPads and other devices

Updated over a week ago

We completely understand that not everyone has access to the newest device and many of our schools face budget constraints; therefore, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that SmartPass works on older device models as well as new ones.

How to Add SmartPass

If you’re using an old iPad or tablet, you might encounter initial issues accessing our app within the app store. However, using the directions below, you should be able to add SmartPass to your device without much trouble!

  1. Open your web browser and go to

  2. You will be directed to the sign-in page where you can log in as usual.

    1. On iOS(iPad/iPhone):

      1. Click on the “Share” button at the bottom of your screen

      2. Scroll down and look for the option to “Add to Home Screen”

    2. On Android:

      1. Open the browser’s menu(Usually three dots).

      2. Find and select “Add to Home Screen”

Following these steps should allow you to add SmartPass to your home screen regardless of device model. If you encounter any challenges during this process, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). They are ready to assist and ensure that you can quickly access SmartPass on your older device.

Video Walk Through


I am unsure if my device is able to run the SmartPass apps. How do I know?

Try to install the app. If it does not work, compare your operating system with our technical requirements. If they do not line up follow the steps in this article.

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