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Setup ClassLink Rostering and SSO
Setup ClassLink Rostering and SSO
How to setup the ClassLink Rostering and SSO integration
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This article is a guide on how to enable the ClassLink integration. The setup process usually takes less than 24 hours during which the SmartPass team will accept your invitation and run an initial sync.

Before we begin, please ensure that you are setup on ClassLink. For information on how to set up Classlink, please visit Classlink: Getting Started

There are three steps to enable the ClassLink integration:

  1. Add the SmartPass Roster Server Connection app in ClassLink Roster Server (OneRoster API)

  2. Add the SmartPass app to the ClassLink Launchpad

  3. Wait for the SmartPass team to run the initial sync and confirm that you are ready to go!

Setup the Roster Server application

  1. Log into the ClassLink launchpad using a ClassLink administrator account

  2. Select Classlink Roster Server.

  3. Select Apps on the left-hand side navigation bar.

  4. From the Applications screen, select Add a new app in top right hand corner.

  5. Search for SmartPass Roster Server Connection and click Add.

  6. Setup your data sharing rules. You should share both students and teachers that need access to SmartPass.

  7. The SmartPass team will then receive a notification that you wish to integrate with ClassLink. It may take up to 24 hours for us to accept the invite.

  8. Once connected, the SmartPass team will run the initial sync and reach out to you when completed. Afterwards, new ClassLink data will be synced in automatically every night.

Setup the OneClick SSO application

Once the roster server application has been configured and the accounts are syncing into SmartPass. You can enable the ClassLink OneClick integration to allow your students and teachers to sign into SmartPass from their Launchpad.

  1. Log in as a ClassLink Administrator to the LaunchPad and navigate to the ClassLink Management Console

  2. Go to Applications -> Add & Assign Apps -> App Library.

  3. Search for SmartPass and click Add.

  4. The app will now appear in the Add & Assign Applications screen.

  5. Search for SmartPass again.

  6. Use the Assign button to make the app available to the students and teachers who should have access to SmartPass. This Classlink help video explains this step in more detail.

  7. Once complete, we recommend that you use the Impersonate user feature for a selection of teachers and students who should have access to SmartPass to confirm they can log in successfully.

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