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Adding profile pictures
Adding profile pictures
How to add profile pictures to SmartPass
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Adding profile pictures to SmartPass is a great way to see the maximum benefit of the system. Teachers and admins will be able to see the student's pictures on hall passes, making it easy to identify who has a hall pass in the hallway and who doesn't. Follow these steps to add profile pictures to the system.

Uploading pictures is as easy as getting the pictures from your photography vendor and then uploading them along with a mapping file.

1. Get the picture files ready

Many photography vendors (e.g. LifeTouch) give you a way to download all of your students' profile pictures. Ask them for assistance on how to download your pictures.

If your pictures are downloaded as a zip file, unzip the zip file so that there is a single folder containing all the profile pictures. SmartPass supports the following picture file types: .jpeg, and .jpg.

2. Create the map file

Fill out a CSV spreadsheet containing a student's email or school identifier in the first column, and the corresponding image filename in the second column.

A template for the mapping file can be downloaded here: SmartPass Picture Mapping File


  • Filenames are case-sensitive and must include the file type.

  • If using an email address, double-check that the email address is formatted correctly.

  • Please note that only schools using our Clever integration can use a school identifier like an SIS/student number to map their profile pictures. All other integration types must enter the student's email in the first column.

3. Upload the pictures

Navigate to the Profile Pictures Integration page. Sign in with your administrator account, click on Accounts, then Integrations on the top left, and finally scroll down to find the Profile Pictures integration. Click Set up.

  1. On the profile picture integration page, click Choose CSV then select the map file that you created above.

  2. Then, click Choose files and navigate to the folder where all your picture files are saved. Select all of the files by hitting the keyboard combination Ctrl+A or CMD+A on a Mac, then confirm the dialog window.

  3. When both of the above steps are completed, the Upload button will be available. Click it to upload the pictures.

It may take a couple of minutes for the pictures to upload and then process. You may close the window when SmartPass is processing the pictures, as it may take up to 10 minutes.

4. Turn them on!

If your pictures are uploaded successfully, you will see an Enable button appear on the profile picture integration page. Click on Enable in order to make the pictures visible to your teachers.

If you want to disable profile pictures, click on the three dots on the top right and then click Disable profile pictures.

Would you like to know whose picture is missing?

Once you have uploaded all of the pictures, the system will show a small alert, trying to warn you that certain users from your school did not have any pictures to match with.

If you would like to know which are those, all you have to do is to click the little arrow next to the alert and a CSV file will be downloaded to your laptop, please have in mind that not only students will be on that list but also all of your staff who has no profile pictures.

More features

Adding/updating/deleting pictures for individual students

You can always add, update, or delete pictures for individual students. In the Accounts tab, click on the student's account to bring up their account page.

Then mouse over the profile picture to see the options to update or delete an existing picture or add a new picture.

Updating pictures for multiple students

At any time, you can update the profile pictures for multiple students by clicking the New Upload button and repeating the above steps. If you provide a picture for a student that already has a profile picture, then that student's profile picture will be updated with the latest file. If you need to delete all of your students' profile pictures contact SmartPass support.

Teachers can hide profile pictures

Teachers have the ability to hide profile pictures if they don't want to see them. See our article here to see how they can control this.

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