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Data Concierge

This article explains how to best use the optional Data Concierge Add-On.

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We’ve built a team of skilled analysts to be your Data Concierge! Our goal is to produce custom reports you can trust—whenever you need them. We provide white-glove reporting services so you can get actionable data at your fingertips.

✨ Data Concierge is available as an optional add-on. View upgrade details on your admin dashboard.

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What does my Data Concierge do for me?

At SmartPass, we’ve built a team of top-tier Data Analysts who are well-versed in preparing comprehensive, actionable reports for K-12 school leaders. You’re paired with a data analyst that is here to help understand your school, by diving deep to extract the right information you’re looking for. We’ll enable you to access insightful reports and collaborate with you on your request, leveraging our extensive experience with thousands of schools like yours.

We aim to respond to requests within 2-3 business days. Some requests take shorter, some take longer depending on the type of request and volume. Our team will be proactive with our communication so you can track the status of your request.

Once you receive the data request, you’ll be able to live-chat with the Data Analyst to ask questions and dive deeper into the data.

How to Submit a Data Request

  1. Go to the Admin view and click on the Explore tab

  2. Click Data Concierge

  3. Fill out the form and follow next steps!

What Data Can I Ask For?

Your Data Concierge is here to provide you insightful data and provide you with the custom reports you need to make informed decisions on your campus. The options are endless!

If you are not sure were to start, here are a few suggestions to ask for:

  • Which students missed the most amount of class time last month? (Sample)

  • We need to know which classrooms are letting out the most students. (Sample)

  • Can you compare instructional minutes missed between schools in my district?(Sample)

  • Are our pass limits too high? I’d like to see if passes have decreased this semester. (Sample)

  • How often are my students going over the time limits? (Sample)

  • Which students have the most overridden passes, and by which teacher?

  • Which bathrooms are the busiest? (Sample)

  • Which staff members rarely use SmartPass? (Sample)

  • List of students who try to make passes once their limit is reached?

  • Which students had passes go overtime more than 10 times this month? (Sample)

How do I add Data Concierge to my Plan?

If your school or district is interested in diving deeper into your data and adding Data Concierge, simply reach out to our support team or directly to your customer success manager. They will be able to help you here. You can also head to your admin dashboard, you can find more info there as well.

If you have an active quote you will find the option to add this to your plan there as well.


How can I check on the status of a data request?

Go to the admin view, click the Explore tab, and click Data Concierge. Then, click Tickets to see the latest ticket that you submitted.

Is Data Concierge available to teachers, or just admins?

Only admins can request data reports.

Can I request recurring reports (i.e. a weekly report)?

Yes! Please know that each report will count as its own data request submission, not as a single report.

Is there a maximum number of data requests my school can submit?

Each school can submit up to 20 data requests per school-year. If your school exceeds the number of requests, we’ll reach out to you with upgrade information to purchase more data requests.

Can I request data across multiple schools in my district?

Yes! Each school in your district must have purchased the data concierge plan. The data request will count as a data request submission for each school’s allotment.

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