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🌅 Features on the Horizon

We have a ton of exciting features that are rolling out to schools soon

Updated this week

Schedule a room to only be available during certain times.

From our research of 100+ different use cases of SmartPass, many school have scenarios where students stay at a certain location. If a student is visiting a room with a teacher, the student will check-in and be shown as “staying” in that room.

Rooms that are not the closest room will be restricted, requiring students to get permission from a staff member. Admins can choose to give their teachers the ability to set their closest rooms, making set up a breeze.

Students and teachers will be able to leave unlimited comments on any pass — so when the student isn’t right in front of you, you’ll see why the student needs to leave. It can save a trip and increase time spent in class!

Both teachers must approve a pass. For example, Mrs. Magrove and the Nurse.

Teachers will be able to override certain encounter prevention groups. Plus, encounters prevented will enter into Wait in Line.

🕰️ Missed Time Per-Class — Pro Plan

Get the 360-degree view of a student’s time out of class. In one unified view, you’ll see which classes a student has missed more often, combining pass data and attendance data. Plus, you’ll be able to correlate that with his grades in those classes.

See which students have missed the most class time and created the most passes, which staff are using and not using SmartPass (including number of passes issued, approved, and overridden), which rooms are most common. Plus, filter the current passes report with even more fields.

Staff and students can add their scheduled passes to their Google or Microsoft calendars.

Use your laptop or iPad's camera to scan IDs on Kiosk mode.

Students can optionally add ID Cards to their Apple Wallet for offline access.

See article for details.

Use SmartPass Attendance to take per-class attendance, in addition to taking attendance for Flex activities.

Passes that teachers send to students and scheduled passes won't automatically start. The student will have to acknowledge them and then start their pass. ✍️ Plus, teachers will be able to edit the time the pass ended to match the actual time students were out of class for improved data accuracy.

Staff will be able to check-in students from their class rosters in addition to students that had active passes at the time of the emergency.

Only allow passes to be created during school hours


Can we sign up for early access to some of these features?

Yes. You can sign up for early access to most of the features in this article. You will find the link to sign up, inside each feature page.

Please note that filling out any of these forms does not guarantee your school will get early access.

How will I get notified when these features are released?

Our team will be sure to announce each feature as it’s released through our various channels. Stay tuned through email and SmartPass account for all announcements!

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