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Favorite Rooms for Teachers
Favorite Rooms for Teachers

How to add favorite rooms

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In order to reduce the time it takes for teachers to create a pass, faculty have the option to assign "Favorite Rooms". Schools will often require teachers to assign these "Favorite rooms", so that their student locations are easily accessible. To view your current selection, go to settings -> Favorites, as shown below.

Adding, Removing, and Using

To add a favorite room, select the gear icon on the top right of your teacher view, and click "Favorites". From here, simply search for the room you would like to set as a favorite and click on the star to the left of the room name. Once done, you will see it jump to your favorites section.

To remove the room as a favorite, just click it again. Your changes to the favorites list are saved automatically and are synced across devices.

Once a room is set as a favorite, you will see it at the top of your room selection when going to create a pass. If you select multiple favorites, you can rearrange the order according to your preference.


Is there a limit on how many Favorite Rooms I can have?

No, there is no limit! You can add as many favorite rooms as you want.

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