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Reset Cache and Cookies
Reset Cache and Cookies

How to reset cache and cookies so that updates to SmartPass are running correctly.

Updated over a week ago

When using a web-based program, sometimes it will be necessary to clear your internet browser's cache and cookies to give your system a "reset" and allow the latest updates of SmartPass to process.

Resetting Your Cache and Cookies By Browser Type

Here are links to the steps to clear the cache and cookies in the most commonly used internet browsers:

If you continue to have issues with SmartPass running correctly on your device, please reach out to our technical support team using the Live Chat to work with someone from the SmartPass team to troubleshoot and help get you up and running again.

Video Walkthrough


My computer is not letting me complete these steps, what do I do?

Your IT may have this blocked. Please contact your school or District IT team.

Clearing Cookies and Cache did not fix my issue, what do I do?

Reach out to our support team. We can dive into deeper troubleshooting on your issue.

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